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The Goose Doctors, LLC Logo
The Goose Doctors provide safe and humane goose control in all of Northeast Ohio

The Goose Doctors, LLC team brings you over a combined two decades of experience in the Geese Control Industry. We are headed up by our two owners, Joe Tortola and Steve Kungle, who have worked in the Turf and Landscape business for their entire careers. The Goose Doctors, LLC, is licensed by the State of Ohio to handle any goose-related issues! The whole team lives in Northeast Ohio and has raised our families here, so we take pride in the local community and providing the best possible results for our neighbors in the region. While many other companies only handle goose control as an element of their business, we have made a conscious decision to limit our scope of services specifically to Goose Control, just another aspect that sets us apart as industry experts. If you have a goose problem, rest assured that we will help you “Stop the Drop” with safe, humane, goose control methods and products approved by both PETA and the Human Society of the United States. Give us a call today, and see how we can help you!

Joe Tortola

With over thirty years in the Green Industry, Joe is an Owner and Co-founder of the Goose Doctors, LLC. Joe loves helping people enjoy their turf that geese have taken over. When he is not busy working for his clients, he also enjoys fishing, attending concerts, sporting events, and spending time with his family. Joe felt the drive to Goose Doctors LLC, after realizing the substantial unsolved demand that people had for controlling geese. He has spent over twenty years studying techniques on how to humanly control geese, so he knew that he and Steve were the right guys for the job!  


Steve Kungle

With over 15 years in the Green Industry, Steve is an Owner and Co-founder of the Goose Doctors, LLC. Beyond his passion for his career, Steve also enjoys fishing, being outdoors, traveling, and spending quality time with his family. Steve's primary goal is to help people enjoy their outdoor living space, without the nuisance that geese can cause. Let Steve help you make the most out of your outdoor space today! 

Goose Control services in Northeast Ohio
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