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Grass Under Normal Light
Grass Under UV Light

How FlightControl® Plus Will Help You Take Back Your Turf

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Turf treated with FlightControl® Plus under normal light

Turf treated with FlightControl® Plus under ultraviolet light

FlightControl® Plus is

• A spray applied on turf where geese feed

• Odorless

• Waterproof

• Eco-friendly

• Pet and family-friendly

• Aquatic friendly (vegetation & aquatic life)

• Persistent (works 24/7)




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Heading The Threat with Consequence

  • Geese feed on treated turf and experience a harmless, but effective intestinal reaction.

  • Geese also can see the compound in the ultraviolet spectrum of light (which people can not see).

  • Geese become conditioned to avoid treated areas and find new feeding sites away from your treated turf. The visual warning along with the mild intestinal reaction equals a threat with consequence.

  • Requires 6 to 7 treatments per year depending on your geographic area.

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