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Controlling Your Geese Needs for Over 20 Years

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Goose Control

Goose Management programs can vary greatly depending upon the overall objectives of the program and the time of year in which the program is initiated. A successful Canada Goose Management program will involve modifying at least two of the three key requirements for a thriving Canada Geese Population: Food & Water, Safety, and the Ability to Reproduce.  

Studies have shown that birds will refuse to eat food treated with the active ingredient in our liquid application once they are conditioned.

Heading The Threat with Consequence

  • Geese feed on treated turf and experience a harmless, but effective intestinal reaction.

  • Geese also can see the compound in the ultraviolet spectrum of light (which people can not see).

  • Geese become conditioned to avoid treated areas and find new feeding sites away from your treated turf. The visual warning along with the mild intestinal reaction equals a threat with consequences.

  • Requires 6 to 7 treatments per year depending on your geographic area.

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