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The Definitive Guide to Why You Should Not Feed Geese

What Do We Mean by "Do Not Feed the Geese"

Geese are beautiful creatures that many people enjoy feeding, at the park or at the lake. Unfortunately, geese often become dependent on people for food and can become a nuisance when large numbers congregate in one area. When people feed geese, they can end up doing more harm than good. When geese are fed processed food such as bread, cereals, and crackers, they can quickly develop “angel wing.” This is a condition in which their wing joints become twisted and deformed. This makes it difficult for them to fly and increases their risk of predation. It also affects the local ecosystem by upsetting the natural balance of species in the area.

Feeding wild geese is not only dangerous for them but also for people, as it can lead to overpopulation of geese in certain areas and create aggressive behavior towards humans when they feel threatened or expect food from people. Therefore, it is important to not feed wild geese so that everyone – both humans and animals – can stay safe and healthy.

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